The Process

1. Answer as many questions as you can listed below
2. Email as much info about your project as possible
3. Email your Song(s)/tracks, stems etc.
4. Recording process takes place
5. I send back your song(s) (revisions take place if needed)
6. Invoice/payment via PayPal
7. Tracks are delivered via Dropbox or other)


General questions before each project starts.
(If unsure, please contact to discuss)

Project Details
-Artist name
-Artist website
-Type of release (demo, album, indie, commercial…)
-Deadline/time frame
-Number of songs
-Tiles of song(s)
-Tempos/Time signatures
-Are there charts available?

Recording Info
-Sample rate? 44.1 kHz, 48kHz, 96kHz (or other)
-Bit depth?  16, 24
-Operating system?  (PC, Mac)
-Recording software?  (Pro Tools, Cubase, Digital Performer…)
-File type you want drum tracks to be saved as?  (Wave, Aiff, Mp3 …..other)
-Description of drum sound?  (Be as detailed as you want, or give me free reign)
-Do you need percussion on your tracks?

To discuss further, we can work through: Email, Land line or Skype.
Please email me for my number and or Skype name.


 Separated Individual DrumTracks

Each project calls for different setups, but the following is a typical setup.  Your project may require a more or less elaborate setup.  If you’re wanting me to record with a specific setup, please indicate before the project starts.
Snare Top
Snare Bottom
Bass Drum-1
Bass Drum-2


Look forward to working with you!!


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